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  • Network Map TER Bourgogne
  • Figure regional infrastructure and transport (S.R.I.T.) - June 2007

Sites web

  • TER: traveling in Burgundy

    TER : voyager en Bourgogne
  • Mobigo!



  • Transport accessibility: a service "Access TER

    TER accessibilité

    To allow access to the train for persons with reduced mobility, a welcome free service and support TER access exists in 20 stations in Burgundy, in addition to 20 stations offering the Access Plus service.

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  • TER Bourgogne: Accessibility of public transport to persons with reduced mobility

    Agenda d’accessibilité

    Elected officials have approved at the session of September 14 the availability of master plan of rail transport services - accessibility agenda programmed (SDA Ad'AP).

    The objective of the document is to present the current situation, to program the actions and funding required for improvements in the accessibility of Burgundy TER rail transport services over a period of 9 years, and the terms of implementation and followed.


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  • Committees TER lines 2015

    Comités de lignes

    The Regional Council meets again several committees TER lines, inviting SNCF and its social partners, associations of users of the train, elected officials, representatives of colleges and high schools, and associations of parents.

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  • TER New offer in the Morvan


    To reduce travel times of users TER, the region has reflected with them and elected to land a new railway to the two branches: Auxerre-Avallon and Auxerre-Clamecy-Corbigny. The consultation began in June 2014. In May 2015, elected officials voted the new offer TER Morvan. It became effective July 5, 2015.

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  • Vu dans notre magazine régionalHike in freedom!

    Rocher du Saussois

    Discover a unique and original way to discover the landscapes of Burgundy from Paris, Dijon, Lyon and Nevers, combining transport by train and walks with your family or friends.
    Circuits of hikes from the stations of Burgundy are offered as suggestions and stay ...

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  • An offer for carsharing Mobigo TER Bourgogne subscribers

    Mobigo autopartage

    Mobigo Ride, founded at the initiative of the Burgundy region, ADEME and Citiz network offers a new service for subscribers TER Burgundy. It provides them with self-service vehicles for a reservation an hour or more.

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  • Attractive rates for all

    Fréquence +

    The Regional Council of Burgundy offers attractive rates to facilitate the access of all ESTs in Burgundy to Paris and the Rhone-Alpes region every day. Burgundy freedom, Burgundy frequency, Burgundy job ... Discover the description of these offerings to choose the tariff that best suits your needs.

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  • Job Search: go ahead TER

    Bourgogne emploi

    The Burgundy Regional Council has implemented in partnership with the employment center of Burgundy and SNCF, a checkbook that entitles you to 80% discount on your journeys TER Bourgogne for your job search (maintenance, etc.) .


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  • Malignant Sunday: new rates for your travel at top prices being TER Burgundy on Saturday!

    Samedis malins

    Enjoy mini price for your shopping trips and leisure on Saturday TER Bourgogne (second class).

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  • TER services

    Nouveaux dispositifs TER

    The Region is responsible for the TER Bourgogne. She entrusts the management to SNCF with which she spent a TER operating agreement for ten years (2007-2016). This convention, which defines the level of service requested, was the subject of a mid-term review to take better account of users' expectations.
    As part of the revision of the TER Agreement, the Region asked the SNCF to improve the quality of service, including train punctuality and passenger information. These demands have resulted in new devices for the benefit of users and an evolution of existing services.

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  • Burgundy Tribe: two group rates for your travel TER!

    Bourgogne Tribu

    Enjoy advantageous rates for your travel in groups of 10 or more: any public or school / extracurricular. You can enjoy all year on your journeys TER Bourgogne (second class), and to the region Île-de-France.

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  • Refurbished rolling stock

    TER : l'autorail grande capacité

    Since 2002, the regional council, as a public transit authority, is responsible for the replacement of rolling stock. Between 2004 and 2010, it has acquired modern equipment and renovated part of the existing equipment (273 million euros). In 2015, it continues to invest in the TER and spends 60 million euros to finance the renovation of Corail and acquire new trains. In 2015, the average age of the equipment fleet is 20 years against 25 years in 2004. Today, 90% of the Burgundian trains are recent or renovated.

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