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  • Handbook regional aid for research
  • Regional Innovation Strategy towards smart specialization (SRI-SI)

Sites web

  • C.N.R.S.

  • INRA Dijon

    INRA de Dijon
  • CCSTI Burgundy

    CCSTI de Bourgogne


  • The regional agency for development of innovation and the economy

    Logo ARDIE

    The Burgundy Regional Council has created, with its partners, the leading economic development agency throughout the region: Ardie Burgundy. It is located at the Regional House of Innovation.

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  • Vitagora: from research to commercialization

    Logo Vitagora

    The Regional Chair signed Monday, November 4, 2013 in Dijon with the regional prefect, the president of Vitagora and different partners, the performance contract and the 2013-2018 roadmap Vitagora competitiveness cluster.

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  • NOVAREA, the regional space innovation and enterprise

    Novarea, à proximité du grand campus dijonnais.

    The Regional Council is continuing the structuring of Burgundy innovation ecosystem with the creation of Novarea, the regional space innovation and enterprise. This area of ​​3.5 hectares near the campus of Dijon, gathers in one place all the actors involved in the innovation process: research, development, consulting, financing ... It thus facilitates exchanges between the world of research and industry, public and private, to provide a comprehensive service to the easily accessible innovation.

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  • The regional action plan for Innovation (IRAP)

    Labex Lipstic

    Regional action plan for Innovation (NRC) aims to stimulate innovation through research and enterprise.
    In 2014, the NRC focuses on a new generation of research and innovation projects meeting the regional strategy -spécialisation intelligent innovation.

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  • The regional innovation strategy for smart specialization

    In line with the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS), adopted in 2010, the regional innovation strategy for smart specialization (SRI-SI) was developed with all stakeholders, including businesses and actors research and innovation.

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  • The boot interregional CAP funds INNOV'EST

    Regions Alsace, Burgundy, Franche-Comté and Bpifrance together invest in innovative companies with CAP INNOV'EST: A new Inter-seed fund.

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  • SATT-Welience, interface between research, universities and companies

    Maison régionale de l’innovation - Dijon

    Within the SATT (Transfer Acceleration Society Technologies) Grand-Est, SATT-Welience target maturation of research and recovery. The new technology development structure is in an inter-regional scope. Winner of the Future Investment Program established in November 2013, the SATT Grand-Est is the link connecting effectively academic research and industry.

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  • A grant for innovative entrepreneurs

    You have a business project in connection with an innovative technology? The Burgundy Regional Council of Burgundy and the Incubator PREMICE provide support to job seekers without income through a grant enabling them to devote themselves entirely to the assembly of their project.

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