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D. Access to Administrative Documents

The law of 12 April 2000 called "right of citizens in their relations with the administration" has organized communication and access to administrative documents to anyone who so requests.
If the principle is the on-site consultation documents can be transmitted subject to payment of copyright fees (where the documents are not available in digital form) and of course subject to confidentiality or privacy of any other secret recognized by law.
To facilitate access, there shall be a corresponding burden of disclosure of documents in each community for the Burgundy region the person responsible for access to administrative documents is Bruno Conversat and inquiries should be addressed:

  • in electronic form to:
  • on paper:
    Burgundy Regional Council
    Bruno Conversat
    Responsible for access to administrative documents (PRADO)
    17 boulevard de la Trémouille
    BP 23502
    21035 Dijon Cedex

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    Managing Editor: Director of Citizen Relations
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    Direction des relations avec les citoyens
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    Patrice Fournier, Patrice Thomas, Pierre Combier, Michel Ferchaud, Sergey Rosenblum, Vincent Arbelet, Michel Joly, Aït Balckacem, Bruno Le Hir De Fallois, Philippe Maupetit, Conseil régional de Bourgogne

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    Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

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    OVH. Admininistration : Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté / direction des relations avec les citoyens.

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