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  • Regional Natural Reserves (RNR)

     Réserve naturelle régionale Val Suzon

    The Burgundy region now has four regional nature reserves: RNR Val Suzon, RNR Mardelles of Prémery, RNR Tourbières Morvan and RNR of Burgundy Loire. Rankings are imposed for a period of ten years.

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  • The regional involvement for biodiversity


    In constant evolution, biodiversity has undergone many changes, but its renewal is natural. However, the current crisis of biodiversity is unique because it coincides with the exponential development of human activities. To meet these challenges, the Region is working alongside the State on several devices.

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  • The implementation of the Plan Climat Energie Territorial bourguignon


    To fight against climate change and to adapt to the depletion of fossil resources, reduction commitments of emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) have been taken at global, European and national. Demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development, the Burgundy Regional Council has developed a Climate Plan Territorial Energy (CFEP), adopted at the plenary session November 25, 2013.

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  • What will tomorrow's housing?

    Habitat basse énergie

    The region has produced fact sheets, designed for individuals to help them renovate their innovative housing be built in energy saving materials and sustainable development. Inform and advise its citizens are among the priorities of Climate Energy Plan.

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  • Vu dans notre magazine régionalStays "environmental class discovery"

    Classe environnement

    This device is intended to encourage stays "environmental discovery" classes of Burgundy in centers of education in Burgundy environment, referenced by the Regional Council of Burgundy.

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  • Territories positive energy

    Visuel TEPOS

    Energy is a central issue of the functioning of our societies but our current model is no longer suitable. The region has launched a call for expressions of interest "territories energy positive" She accompanies, with ADEME, Burgundy 11 pilot areas in a territorial approach to energy transition * since October 2013.

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  • Regional Plan of Air Climate and Energy

    The region and the state have adopted a regional pattern of climate, air and energy to meet the objectives of the Grenelle 2 law for 2020 and 2050.

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  • Air tightness of buildings: a practical guide

    L'école Charles Perrault de Montchanin, bâtiment standard passif

    The regions Alsace, Burgundy, Franche-Comte, Pays de la Loire and the regional directorates of the ADEME have jointly developed a paper guide and instructional videos on the air tightness of buildings.

    These educational tools are aimed at both building owners, designers, studies and companies offices. They provide an essential basis for correctly understanding the complexity of the subject of the air tightness of buildings. An additional practical training is needed to develop a know-how in this field.

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  • Let's save the water resource

    Récupération eaux de pluie

    The Region supports the establishment of systems recovery and recycling of rainwater. His goal: preserving the quality of the resource.

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  • Relays agri-energy

    The Agri-Energy relays were set up in 2007 at the request of the Regional Council and ADEME. RAE educate, inform and accompany the farmers on issues of economy and energy production. They also are responsible for the emergence of industries and project control and energy production in the agricultural sector.

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  • Burgundy Nature

    photo environnement Bourgogne Nature

    The contract Burgundy Nature is one of the priorities of regional policy in favor of Biodiversity. It contributes to the restoration and enhancement of significant natural heritage Burgundy environments.

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Appels à projets

  • Vergers backup

    Vergers de sauvegarde

    Traditional orchards are a heritage of both biological and cultural. Facing the past 50 years in their regression, the Burgundy Regional Council is calling for project on csauvegarde orchards to preserve them.
    Objective: To protect the wealth and identity of our region and fight against the disappearance of traditional orchards. Application deadline: June 30, 2016

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