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  • Map of AOC and AOP in Burgundy
  • Contracts inter progress and draft contracts for regional excellence
    February 22, 2007

  • The cheeses of Burgundy make you sit down to eat!
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Sites web

  • Aprovalbois Burgundy

    Aprovalbois Bourgogne
  • local wood Guide

    Guide bois local
  • Burgundy platform Loc'Halles

    Plateforme Loc'Halles Bourgogne



  • Vitagora: from research to commercialization

    Logo Vitagora

    The Regional Chair signed Monday, November 4, 2013 in Dijon with the regional prefect, the president of Vitagora and different partners, the performance contract and the 2013-2018 roadmap Vitagora competitiveness cluster.

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  • Aid to forest service investments

    Desserte forestière

    You are public or private forest owner in Côte d'Or, Saône-et-Loire, Nievre and Yonne? The state and Europe can help you achieve forest service investments to improve défruitement forest areas.

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  • Help for roads wood in the Morvan

    Desserte forestière

    Your community maintains a communal way identified in the master plan for strategic roads in the wood Morvan? Europe can help you realize the path of consolidation and restructuring of investments to improve the défruitement forest areas.

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  • Aid to organic farming qualification

    Agriculture biologique (AB)

    The Regional Council provides direct support producers and supports some of the production costs associated with the qualification tests in organic farming for vegetables production, small fruits, aromatic plants, aromatic and medicinal, beekeeping and farm processing ( excluding wine).

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  • The regional council and the quality of agricultural production

    Elevage à Auxant

    In Burgundy, over 6,000 farms sell their products "as signs identifying the quality and origin" (SIQO). A qualitative recognition is combined with the love of the good and the beautiful product.

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  • Burgundy launches "protein plan


    The Regional Council has mandated the Regional Chamber of Agriculture of Burgundy to develop a "protein plan" and encourage protein crops and legumes in our territories. Objectives: reduce, over time, imports for feed and improve the agri-environmental practices.

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  • Vu dans notre magazine régionalThe Burgundian wood on canvas

    Samuel Gaitey dans sa scierie à Pouilly-en-Auxois

    The Regional Council proposes a new guide on its website to promote the use of wood produced in Burgundy, it helps to see clearer on the offer.

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  • From producer to consum'actor

    Panier de légumes

    The best way to preserve a profit margin is to dispense with intermediaries. 3700 Burgundy farms are engaged in direct sales, a move encouraged by the Regional Council.

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  • Relays agri-energy

    The Agri-Energy relays were set up in 2007 at the request of the Regional Council and ADEME. RAE educate, inform and accompany the farmers on issues of economy and energy production. They also are responsible for the emergence of industries and project control and energy production in the agricultural sector.

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Guide des aides


  • Agricultural and Forest Economy: regional priorities


    the Regional Initiative for Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Forestry (IRDDAF), adopted in October 2013, is a key component of the new regional economic development strategy and innovation. It should allow short-term support and encourage the actors of the agricultural economy and deer around four "pillars" well identified: innovation, sustainability, quality and proximity.

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